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DronyX is an incubator for socially and technologically focused ideas and projects aimed to improve everyday life and the person-environment experience; we provide smart solutions for home automation, virtual reality and intelligent mobile robotics applications and systems.

We have a very innovative research team and we inspect many aspects of mobile autonomy and advanced tracked monile robots with a particular emphasis on navigation, perception and understanding of large workspaces, in particular, for outdoor and rough applications.



Design and Develop

Design and Develop

Our multi-disciplinary and high-skilled teams are specialized in developing and building hybrid and electric vehicles or mobile robots for any kind of environments and applications. We can design, integrate and customize navigation and mapping algorithms, artificial intelligence routines, computer vision (with Point Could, OpenCV and OpenNI), sensors and control for your applications depending on our needs and requirements.

Research & Assistance

Research & Assistance

Are you involved in a complex robotics or mechanical problem and need assistance and help? Ask our team of skilled engineers to join you and your activities. Don’t waste time and money hiring additional employees and consultants, but easily use our experience to speed up your time to market. We usually work with research labs and universities by developing customized mobile platforms, sensor arrays or control software.

Integrated Solutions with ROS

Integrated Solutions with ROS

Thanks to our very different and complementary skills, we are able to take care of your project during all its aspects and at every stage of its development process. We are experts in system architecture, driver development, mechanics and mechatronics applicatons under any kind of environment and system (OpenCV, OpenNI, ROS, Unix, Windows and embedded platforms, computer vision and Artificial Intelligence).

XBOT Agricultural Robot with tracks and electric motors

Agricultural Robots

More recently, workers riding robotic platforms have shown to be twice as efficient as workers using ladders. Advances in sensors and control systems allow for optimal resource and integrated pest and disease management. Ask DronyX for how to improve your productivity and increase farming operations by reducing costs using autonomous agricultural robots.

Skiddy All Terrain Mobile Robot with tracks

Industrial Robots

Material handling is usually tedious, dull and sometimes injury-inducing. Material handling robots get human workers out of the tedium and into more fulfilling jobs in the company and they ca be used for many applications. By choosing to automate with a material handling robot, manufacturers raise the safety level of their facilities.

Skiddy All Terrain Mobile Robot for telepresence and with outdoor rubber tracks

Telepresence Robots

The powerful combination between telepresence and teleoperation gives you the chance to explore outdoor environments by establishing a safe and physical presence from a remote location. This solution is particularly design for rough outdoor applications and it is suitable when you have to visit too dangerous places or if you can’t go out from your home.

The Team

Founded in 2013 by four enthusiastic and pasionate young engineers, DronyX team designs and builds several mobile robotics platforms able to operate in rough outdoor environments. After many years spent in research activities by facing several kind of problems caused by poor-quality devices, the team decided to design a robust and efficient mobile robot to help all the researchers and engineers to speed-up their activities without technical issues.

Shortly, new high-skilled members joined the team and new robots came out. Now, DronyX designs not only mobile robots for research purposes, but also for agricolture and beach cleaning. The company has clients all over the world and is really growing rapidly! The staff loves to face difficult challenges every days, so “if you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… the DronyX-Team” like John Ashley said in the A-team opening narration.

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Vi aspettiamo al Pad. 34 Stand A31 per condividere le nostre innovazioni tecnologiche a sostegno dell'agricoltura del futuro. Con un innovativo progetto per l'agricoltura 4.0 e a basso impatto ambientale, Dronyx parteciperà alla Fiera EIMA, l’Esposizione Internazionale di Macchine per l’Agricoltura e il Giardinaggio in programma a Bologna dal 7 all 11 Novembre. L'edizione 2018...

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23, 24, 25 Ottobre 2018 / FieramilanoCity / STAND I07 Un’occasione quella di Smau di trovare riunita in un unico evento nazionale e internazionale l’innovazione specializzata dei territori e i suoi protagonisti - dai sistemi regionali dell’innovazione agli acceleratori, incubatori e abilitatori di innovazione - i quali sono chiamati a giocare una partita importantissima, che parte...


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